so today i went to a big pet shop (really horrible pet shop) and got two unplanned finches….. the REALLY COOL guy/girl in the first photo, and another girl who is seriously ill? she was the first bird i noticed because i automatically seek out the ill animals in that shop because it’s so shit, and i got her for free? (we know someone who works there and i think she said something to the cashier because they’d never let anything go for any less than they extortionately price it)

she’s in a little hospital cage and i’m going to try to get her some medication tomorrow because i’m pretty sure she has air sac mites?? and if so then i’ll need to tell the shop so they can treat the rest of the birds- not that they’ll bother

idk she’s okay in herself and she was scooting about in the cage and eating a lot but her breathing is terrible and i’m really worried she’s going to die before i can help her